One afternoon several years back, a good friend and customer of mine told me he was sick, and had been for some time.  He'd been an oil man all his life, and years of working in that environment had taken it's toll.  He was heading down to UCLA for some tests, and the goal was to see if he was a possible candidate for a double lung transplant.  I couldn't believe my ears when he told me.  Then, the next thing he said nearly brought me to tears.  He said: "Whether this surgery is a success or a failure, when I do go, I'm leaving you my two Boswell guitars, for your kids."  I couldn't believe it, but at the same time, this was the kind of thing I was accustomed to hearing from, and about Dave Werner.  I was amazed when he walked into my shop a year later after his surgery.  It was successful, but Dave told me he was still on borrowed time.  Well, time has passed, and in July of this year, my friend Dave passed away.  After several months, I was contacted by his family, and I said I could make myself available in any way necessary to help with Dave's somewhat expansive guitar collection.  So, over the Thanksgiving holiday, while in CA visiting my family in SF, I shot over to Bakersfield for the afternoon to help out, and pick up the two Boswell guitars.  I met with Dave's wife, a wonderfully sweet and kind woman, and together we started to dig through Dave's musical gear stash.  We catalogued all of the instruments, amps, and other gear, and set aside all of the pieces that had been promised to other friends and family.  It was a real honor for me to be there, and help facilitate more of Dave's good will.  Later on that night when I got home, I took both the guitars out, wiped them down, looked them over, and played them for quite a while.  It occurred to me: In the position that I'm in now, I would never have the time to build instruments of this calibre for my kids.  It hit me hard.  Thanks to Dave and his amazing wife, my kids are always going to have something to look at, hold, and play that will remind them of me.  At the same time, Dave's name will forever be attached to each guitar as well.  For the time being, I'll keep them at my shop for customers to check out and play as demo pieces, but they'll always be a part of both the Boswell, and Werner family.  Thank you Dave and Patty.