Mar. 4, 2016

This week marks the start of several new things for me.  First, I’m getting mentally, physically, and financially prepared for baby number 3.  Second, I have started four more Boswell guitar builds.  And last, after being here and setup for four months, I’m finally ready to start taking in repair work again.  This is all big stuff for me.  I know it may seem like I’m kidding in some way, but I’m not.  It’s about all I can handle.  My Dad always said to me, “Son, there are 3 important things in life: family, work, and your social life.  You can only do 2 well.”  Man, that statement rings in my head so loud and clear at this stage in my life.  In fact, there are times I don’t think I can even do 2 all that well, but I sure try.  


    So, my latest creation, well, more my wife’s creation than mine (I’m just kind of “there”), is going to be my son August Roy Boswell.  I’m not really sure what to say about having a third kid, except of course that I’m not ready, and it scares the crap out of me.  The usual kind of Man stuff.  It’s going to be incredibly hard, but I think we’re about as prepared as we can be, and Hell, it’s not our first rodeo.  I have heard parents say two is the really hard transition, and three is easy, and I’ve heard the opposite.  I already feel completely outnumbered and lower on the chain of command than I’d like.  There are days I envy our little dog, Leo.  But, I think that at some point, you just have to laugh and enjoy the ride.  There are times when our two, incredibly high-energy kids, are screaming, or laughing (it’s hard to discern the difference sometimes), and a parent is elevating the volume of their voice to be heard, then the dog chimes in with piercing howls.  Now just sprinkle some screaming baby in there, maybe a touch of depressed Mom, mix in some stressed out Dad, and Viola!  I’m trying to be funny, but at the same time, I think I just scared myself some.


    So, onto much less important stuff.  I’m starting on four builds, and there coming along SO nicely!  This batch is some pretty fun and creative stuff.  First, a 000 with an absolutely ancient and stunning Sitka top, German bracing, and Brazilian rosewood back and sides.  Next, a very fun guitar that I’m really excited for...  a 000 size 12-string.  Old American Engelmann top with German bracing (double X pattern), Madagascar rosewood back and sides, an edge bevel and sound port.  This one will be fun to watch!  Third up is a special Artist Model for fantastic singer, songwriter, performer and friend, Tim Bluhm.  This one is based on a 30’s era Martin D28, but with some custom embellishments that Tim and I have worked out together.  Adirondack spruce top with Adirondack X bracing and German top tone bars, Brazilian rosewood back and sides, slightly enlarged soundhole, Brazilian rosewood bound body and rosette detail.  This will be a one of a kind guitar for a one of a kind guy.  He’s been through a lot lately, and I’m happy to bring him a smile.  Last is a little 00.  Koa back and sides that I cut from a board that I’ve had for a few years.  I got it from a wood worker in Paso Robles.  He’d had it for about 30 years.  Needless to say, it’s well seasoned, and ready to roll.  Not super flashy, but beautiful nonetheless.  It’ll be graced with a fantastic Italian spruce top, German bracing, and bound and trimmed out with Brazilian rosewood.  This one is available.  Four very unique instruments, all of which promise to be a lot of fun to build, play, and look at!


    Then, there’s the world of guitar repair.  A world I’ve been out of for the most part for the last 5 or 6 months.  It’s been a nice break.  If I had it my way, I’d only do the really fun repair work.  Most of it is kind of a pain in the ass to be honest, and I’ve done it for so dang long that it just isn’t really as interesting as it used to be.  But, it has always been a pretty big part of my life and my income, so it’s time to get back on the horse!  My plan is to start getting out into the local community finally and handing out some business cards.  I’ve done a fair amount of work since setting up here in Sisters, but not nearly the volume I used to do in CA.  I’ve had some guitars shipped here for work, some locals are starting to know where I’m at, and I’ve partnered with some other local builders on projects.  It’s been all good, but it’s time to start letting people know I’m here.  That included calling lots of customers back in CA.  I have around 5000 contacts from projects back at Butch’s Guitar & Repair, and I plan on reaching out to just about everyone.  Maybe it’s time for a secretary.  Any takers?  


    I’m a busy guy.  I always have been.  However, I think that the notion of being busy is about to elevate to an entirely new level.  If I don’t blog again for 6 months, now you know why!  Wish me luck, and who knows, maybe I’ll be calling you soon!