Nov. 16, 2015

I had somewhat of a revelation this weekend.  Nothing that anyone else hasn’t thought about, or realized at some point.  A pretty obvious one really.  I spend WAY too much time on the computer/phone.  What bothers me most about it is the fact that when I see other people consumed by their electronic devices, my internal dialogue starts up...”that’s so lame...I’ll never walk around with my kids and check my phone...GET OFF YOUR PHONE IDIOT!!”  But, here I am, admitting that I am certainly no better.  I want to be though.  Running a business today, you just have to be connected in one way or another.  Facebook, LinkedIn, all the way back to the good old MySpace days!  I just don’t know how much any of it really benefits me anymore.  It’s become more about wanting people to like me, what I do, what I say, than about networking for my business.  Time for a change.

    In all honesty, I’m not THAT bad.  I don’t walk down the street with my eyes glued to my phone, and I’m not on my screen when I should be paying attention to more important things (like my kids!).  It’s just such a distraction.  I want to be as present as I possibly can with my family.  I don’t want to be irritated for half the night because of some idiotic political post.  I don’t want to read about opinion over fact.  I want the news on my terms.  I’m sure you can guess where I’m going with this.  So, no more Facebook.  I know, who cares, right?  Well, that’s exactly how I feel.  It’s all so superficial.  We have all forgotten the old saying about opinions.  Everyone seems to think that their opinion should carry so much weight now, and sadly, they do not.  I’m no exception. I will miss the comments and likes regarding my family and business, but I hope that people will reach out to me through this site.  I plan on using the energy I was putting into nothing on FB for the business development here.  So far, so good.  

    The latest Boswell builds are coming together smoothly.  My new shop is functional, looks good, and is a real pleasure to work in.  The backs are done, and this week I move on to tops and side bending.  One of my favorite parts of the whole process is the rosette work.  So simple and elegant, and it’s usually where the final decisions are made regarding binding material.  All of the colors are coming together, and I’m finally starting to get a real idea what each guitar is going to look like.  It’s exciting.  This batch is a mean group of guitars.  All Brazilian back and sides, with varying spruce tops: Adirondack, Engelmann, German, and Italian.  A very worldly bunch.  I’ll be posting more pictures of the builds in the “Gallery” section of the website as they develop more.  Keep checking back!  And for my Facebook “friends” out there:  friendship is more than a word on a screen.   I hope we can find one another and stay in touch the old-fashioned way...  e-mail.  ;)