July 7, 2015

It’s been nearly a month since I had a guitar reviewed in Guitar Player Magazine.  What’s new?  Well, Boswell No. 0016, the subject of the article has sold, I have received several orders as a direct result of the publicity, and there is a general feeling in the shop lately like, well, I guess I’m really a guitar builder now!  The review is pretty stellar, and I can not thank the staff enough for it!  “Editor’s Pick!”...too cool!!  Thank you Art Thompson!!  And thank you Kenny Lee for connecting me with Art!  Oh, and thank you Danny P. for connecting me to Kenny...and Tim P....and Mike C....  This could go on and on, and I think you get the picture.  That’s how it goes though.  You meet the right people, and good things can happen.  Of course, you still have to work your butt off, and the work still needs to speak for itself, and still needs to get done, but I firmly believe that if I hadn’t met these guys (and many more for that matter!), I’d still be primarily doing guitar repair.  Nothing wrong with that, since I do really love repairing guitars as well, but, now I get to come into my shop and work on the stuff I want to.  I get to build guitars.  I have to admit, that’s a pretty cool thing to be able to do.  I feel incredibly fortunate, and as a result, have come to the conclusion that I will never compromise.  If I had to come into my shop to rush through the process, I just wouldn’t do it. Everything is done by hand, by me.  Yes, it takes longer that way, but that’s just how I work.  If I was baking a cake, would I turn up the oven to try and rush the process??  Of course not.  So, more orders are coming in, and I’m having to deal with that.  I’m not going to rush anything...for anyone.  That’s just not me.  I love every step of the process, and every step is just as important as the last.  Slowly but surely, I hope to move away from some of the guitar repair, and focus primarily on building.  Currently, I’m building more than anything else.  I’m fortunate to have help in my shop with the intermediate repair work, but again, when it comes to the building side of things, that’s all me.  I’m working on four builds right now.  I’ve gotten a little out of order with serial numbers, so now I’m finishing out No.’s0017, 0019, 0020, and 0021.  One of the four is available...sort of...while the other three are orders.  The one available is No. 0019, a 00 model made of Spanish Cedar back and sides, and a torrefied Doug Fir top.  I’ll be talking about this guitar more in upcoming chats.  So far, with the neck and body combined, without tuning machines, it weighs only 2 lbs.-8 oz.’s.  I’m hoping to keep it right at 3 lbs. when completed.  I used old growth, incredibly tight-grained redwood from an old guitar shop sign (the original Blue Note Music from here in SLO) to fabricate the neck/end blocks, and super old Sitka spruce with incredibly tight and straight grain for the top braces.  3 lbs would definitely be a record breaker for me.  It feels so light that it’s kind of distracting...like something is missing.  It still has a fantastic tap tone...very lively, and lots of sustain and a killer, strong fundamental.  Nothing missing at all actually, except just a bunch of excess material.  I have a few particular clients down in the LA area interested in this beauty already, but no deposits yet, so technically, it’s available!  Aside from that, I’m still having to finish out three other Boswell guitars (three 000’s), do at least 3-4 re frets a week, finish out several Martin restorations, and get all this work done in time to pack up my house, my shop, my life, and move the family and business up to Bend, OR. by September 1st.  Did I not mention that?  Yes, Boswell Guitars is moving to Bend.  It’s the next big step for my business, and my family.  My two kids are now 6 and 4, and this is where we have decided to plant roots.  Life is exciting right now.  Everything is kind of new again, and at the same time, a little scary.  I’m trying not to think about everything in front of me too much, and just focus on the daily tasks.  So far so good.  We’ll see how I feel around the middle of August.  Stay tuned.

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