What's the picture all about?  Nothing.  It was just a funny, rough mock-up that my web designer sent me when we were designing the website.  I think he had a little too much faith in my writing.  

It comes with great excitement, and great exhaustion that I announce I will be moving the shop very soon...again.  I'm really just getting settled in my Sisters, OR location, but sadly, it's just not working out.  When we moved to OR, the thought was that the guitar building side of the business was going to finally be the focus of my work, but it turns out, repairs are still a very necessary side as well.  Orders have been a little slower than anticipated, so it's times like this where repair work would always pick up the slack.  The one big but...  there is no repair work in Sisters, OR!!  Little did I know.  I probably should have.  The little town is just so cool though, and I love the mountains, the weather, the scenery...It's all so beautiful!  However, with a population of only 2,000-something in the immediate town proper, and 8,000+ in the surrounding areas, it's just not enough, and it's just too isolated.  Bend, on the other hand, is upwards of 90,000.  I love my little setup out in Sisters, but the time has come.  

So, the other day, I was driving home on my 25 minute commute, and it hit me like a ton of bricks...  "What the hell am I doing??"  We live in Bend, we shop in Bend, we hang out in Bend, but for some reason, I decided to open a shop in Sisters, a small town 25 miles outside of Bend.  I thought: "People will make the drive!"  Wrong.  They don't make the drive after all!  When we first moved to OR, I looked and looked in Bend for a place that had all the stuff I wanted in a shop:  the right size, the right price, and more than anything else, the right vibe.  I like a certain charm, and I want the space to reflect who I am, and what I am about to the customer.  I looked for over a month, and before too long, I had to just get something and get to work.  We were spending money, and not making any.  Always a bit of a concern.  I had heard of the Sisters Folk Festival, and thought that the slow times of year would be made up for during the busy times.  Well, the slow times turned out to be significantly slower than I had originally thought.  So, I decided.  I was tired of the drive, tired of no customers, and most importantly, tired of being so far away from my wife, two bigger kids, and the new kid, oh, and the dog. 

I got home at the end of my drive, and I told Katrina (my lady) it was time.  I put her in charge of finding me a place in Bend.  I knew it wasn't going to be easy.  I knew it was going to challenge her immensely.  Having to look for the perfect place for me, while simultaneously juggling a 7 year old, a 5 year old, and a newborn...and the dog.  How would she ever find the time.  Well, she sent me a listing about 5 minutes later.  No exaggeration.  I looked at it, loved it, sent the owner an email, he replied, I went and looked at it the next morning, and the deal was done.  I made the decision to move around 6pm, and by 9am the next morning, I had the place I had wanted all along.  It's strange the way that happens sometimes.  Things like that happen to me a lot.  I'm not sure what it is.  Luck?  Divine intervention?  Who knows.  I'm not going to worry about it too much.  The good news is though, I have a wonderful place in the old town area of Bend.  Not too big, not too small.  Gonna need some remodel work, which I'll have to do myself sadly, but it's going to be so worth it when I finally move in.  

The plan now:  finish the four Boswell builds currently under way, get them delivered, while simultaneously remodeling the new space to move into in Bend (I can only assume this will happen over weekends and after kids are asleep??), pack up the space I just got settled in, move it all into the town we moved to originally, get all setup, and start again.  I'm going to need a break.  I guess I'll sleep when I'm dead.