The Frank Lloyd Wright inspired build has been on the road for nearly a month now. It’s gone from Chicago, to Cincinnati, Nashville, Montgomery, Atlanta, Miami, Memphis, Dallas, Austin, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, with two more scheduled stops in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ. From city to city, it has been on display at some of the greatest, and historically significant guitar shops in the country. It has been such an incredible journey, and the folks running the show have done an absolutely amazing job. I can’t say enough about what a cool experience this has been. When I started conceptualizing this build, I really had no idea what a fun, and attention grabbing piece it would end up being. Thank you so much to Jamie Gale, and his wife and partner, Roberta Leah Gale, and everyone else who helped make the Boutique Guitar Showcase such a great event to be involved with. Looking forward to next year. Better start conceptualizing now!