There has been a flood of repair work here at the shop the past few months. That's a good thing! I'm working on this Gibson ES 335 for a good customer and friend. Bob, don't worry, when I'm done with this, it's going to play, and sound FANTASTIC. New frets (the fretwork and fingerboard were atrocious), Buzz Feiten nut, new Lollar Imperial pickups (Gibson Burstbuckers are trash), and a new wiring harness (when solder drips all over, and gets down into the moving parts of the volume and tone pots, that's pretty bad). There has been a lot of talk about Gibson recently. I'm not sure if they're going out of business, or if they're just going bankrupt (ironically, these two things don't always go hand in hand), but I can say with absolute certainty, that it's about time. I've been repairing guitars for over 20 years now, and the one brand that has always been a thorn in my side is Gibson. Some of the most inconsistent, yet consistently shoddy work, has always come from them. It's the kind of company that has always really pissed me off. Absolutely unreasonable dealer buy-in and restock expectations, horrendous warranty and dealer relationships, terrible customer service, nose-in-the-air attitude as if they are above all other builders and companies in the industry. And it's been this way for years. I could tell dozens of stories regarding Gibson and the work needed, big work, on factory new guitars just to get them to play, but I've already said enough. It's been a long time coming. They've been living off their name, heritage, and the talented builders who made it what it was in the 30's (and earlier), 40's, and 50's for far too long, and now the word is finally getting out. Terribly over-priced, poor performing, clunky instruments that desperately need an overhaul, along with the people that are "running" the place.