So, this is my first repair entry.  I'm hoping to keep up much more with this side of my business, along with the regular blog section of the site.  I have to say, I enjoy writing, it's more a matter of finding the time to write the stuff I want to write, the way I want to write it!  With that said, here's an archtop that a student of the Galloup School of Lutherie made several years back.  A local musician owns it now, and has some issues with the neck shape, so, I'm shaving the contour and re-shooting it with lacquer.  Not really sure why, but I've done a TON of this very thing lately.  It makes me think back to when I was just starting repair work, and how the thought of shaping, and certainly RE shaping a neck was terrifying.  Time and experience.  It's a lot like playing an F chord the first time (although playing an F chord doesn't bring along with it absolute terror of screwing up a customers instrument).  The first time you try it, it feels foreign, and like you're doing it wrong.  Now, an F chord is just another chord in the bunch.  I don't think about it any more than an A, a G, or a C.  Neck work is the same thing now.  I have a set of measurements I like to work within, a taper, a shape, and at the same time, a feel.  Customers seem to like Boswell necks, so I must be doing something right!  It took a long time, and a lot of practice, but it's become repeatable, and predictable.  Time and experience.