Part two, of what has turned out to be a really cool, and really fun project.  Progress has been a touch slow, but only due to so much going on here lately.  I'm in the process of finishing out 4 Boswell acoustic builds, and preparing to move the shop to the new location in Bend.  But, still, progress is being made.  If you don't recall, the goal of this project is to remove the current neck, which had been slimmed down significantly in the later 1960's, and replace it with one carved to 63/64 specs, all the while keeping all of the original inlay.  As of today, I have the new neck roughed out of nicely quartered Honduras mahogany, I have the original Gibson pearl logo in tact, along with it's partner, the pearl "crown" inlay, and each of the original neck "block" inlays.  I'm waiting on a new truss rod, and some binding material.  Once those arrive, things will really start to move along.  See below...

Ok, yes, this picture at first appears sinful, but not if you know all the details.  As I said in the first blog, Part 1, this neck has already been modified from original.  Second, the idea is to replace the neck with something matching the larger neck profiles from 63/64.  So, it had to be done.  The idea is/was, to keep all the original inlay: the "Gibson", the Crown, and the blocks.  I got the blocks out last week.  So today, I started a little facelift...

Don't attempt to adjust your monitor.  You're seeing this correctly.  Slicing the original peg head overlay, with the "Gibson" and Crown inlays in tact.

Slicing complete.  The peg head removed.  The slice is less than 1/16" thick.  Delicate.  This made me happy...and a little nervous.

Check that out.  Ready to glue down.  A little bit of finish touch up, and no one will ever be the wiser.

Roughing out the Brazilian rosewood fingerboard.  This is a really nice piece of Braz. that I've had set aside for a project just like this one.  

A nice shot of the new fingerboard.  It's sized down, and ready for the binding, which I should have in a few days.  Once I get the new binding and truss rod, it will be time for neck assembly, final neck shape to 63/64 specs, finish, and final body/neck assembly.  More pictures to come!