Here's a fun example of a Martin restoration I recently finished up. I use the word fun loosely here.  This is one of those projects that comes along once every three or four years to remind you that you still don't know everything, and that things can still be a huge challenge now and again!  I have done enough of these Martin rebuilds through the years that they do tend to get a little repetitive, but this one fought me.  The neck didn't want to come off, and when it did, the fingerboard was so thin and brittle, that it was literally falling apart while I was working on it.  The top was seriously collapsing and warping due to all kinds of top brace damage, and the bridge, even though lifting significantly, would just not come off!  While I was doing it, I didn't really appreciate it, but now that it's done and all good, it was actually kind of fun...kind of.  

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