I knew getting into it that this was going to be a great project.  This guitar came to me is pretty damn terrible shape.  But, here it is today, ready for another 20 years of play...if not more!  It plays and sounds wonderful, and it was truly an honor for me to have this guitar in my shop, and to be the one to do the work on it.   If you haven't read the two prior posts, this guitar was made by Kevin Ryan, one of the more influential builders of our time.  His guitars are inspirational, to say the least, and command some pretty incredible prices.  This was the second guitar he made back in the 90's.  I still have my "Prototype" tucked away in a case at my shop.  It's the guitar that got it all started for me.  I still break it out now and then for new customers to play...more just for the fun of it.  But, it's important as time goes on, to embrace where we came from, dings and dents included.  Kevin's instruments have come an incredibly long way since this build, but this one still has the stuff!  For more details on the work, check out the pictures with commentary below.  

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