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Bench Press interview, July 2017

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Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Video Review: March, 2017

"The hand-built Boswell 00-14 sparkles with refined tone and articulation."
The Boswell 00-14 reviewed in the March issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine.  Click the link below to read the review, and watch the video.

The Boswell 00-14 reviewed in the March issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine.  Click the link below to read the review, and watch the video.

"Butch Boswell, a self-proclaimed "wood junkie", is taking his 20 years of guitar repair skills and putting them toward building one-of-a-kind instruments that cater to his clients' individual needs.  Boswell builds guitars in small batches of two or three instruments at a time at his shop in Bend, OR.  In a former life..."

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Guitar Player Magazine

Reviews, March 2017, Boswell BG-R

"Butch is doing his own thing in the world of custom solidbody electrics, and given this guitar’s awesome craftsmanship, sweet playabilty, and wealth of sounds, the BG-R is just the kind of guitar that players looking for something unique in the high-end market should check out."

Guitar Afficionado Magazine

New Gear, Oct. 2016

"Butch Boswell wants every guitar he builds to be a knockout."

Guitar player magazine

Review: Boswell Dreadnought D   |   June 2015

Guitars sometimes come to us by word of mouth, and such was the case when Steve Miller’s guitarist, Kenny Lee Lewis, hipped me to an exemplary builder in San Luis Obispo, California, named Butch Boswell. Before opening his shop in 2007, Boswell worked for Taylor Guitars (doing repairs and final setups), as well as for Rudy’s Music in Manhattan, where he says he gained a ton of experience in instrument repair and modification. To this day, Boswell continues to do warranty work for Martin, Taylor, Santa Cruz, Collings, National Resophonic, and others, while building acoustic and electric instruments under his own name...

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Steve Trovato

"The word virtuoso is used quite liberally at times in the music industry. Some musicians live up to the label, but few personify it the way Steve Trovato does. A master of jazz, rock, country and blues, Trovato is highly respected by his peers as an award-winning songwriter, musician, performer, author and educator. Among his many credits: 40 instructional books, 30 DVDs, contributing columnist for various guitar publications, and educator at the University of Southern California’s Studio Jazz Department"   -Guitar Coach Magazine, Feb., 2014

"My Boswell guitar is the perfect combination of master craftsmanship, beauty, rich tone, and playability.  I couldn't ask for anything more!"      -Steve Trovato

Steve, pictured here with his Boswell OM-Cutaway, with Madagascar rosewood back/sides, and an Adirondack top.

Steve, pictured here with his Boswell OM-Cutaway, with Madagascar rosewood back/sides, and an Adirondack top.



renowned La session guitarist

“When I got my Boswell, it quickly became the acoustic guitar I use for recording 90 to 100% of the time. It's hard to put into words, but there's a certain balance to the tone.

The mid range is smooth and even, and always full. The top end sparkles, but never sounds thin because of its connection to the strong midrange. The bottom is tight and composed, never too boomy. My Boswell sweetens as the days pass, and the tone deepens while I play it. It's not just me who says this. Anyone who owns one will say the same thing!”


Danny Pelfrey

award-winning composer & multi-instrumentalist


“First of all I have three Boswell guitars, two acoustics and an electric, so I am obviously a fan! Butch's handmade acoustic guitars are extremely special. He has access to the finest sets of wood you will ever see, and his attention to detail and craftsmanship are extraordinary. But most important of all of course, is the sound and playability...phenomenal! The evenness and purity of tone are perfect, and the sound has a three dimensional quality, as if you could walk around in it and touch it below you and above you! These guitars are capable of any musical range you can imagine, like a fine Steinway piano, and the recording microphone loves them.

When I am asked who inspires me musically, there is a long list of people. I have added Butch Boswell to that list as his instruments inspire me to hear things I didn't hear before. Many people have asked me which Boswell is my favorite, and I always have the same answer - whichever one I'm playing at the time! Bravo Butch. Standing ovation my friend.

"As a musician, Danny has performed and recorded with Carole King, Diana Ross, Tower Of Power, Eric Clapton, Melissa Manchester, and many others.

As a composer Danny Pelfrey has won two Emmys (nominated nine times), six BMI awards, and a Video Premiere Award. He has been the score composer for numerous television shows including American Dreams (NBC), Spin City (ABC), Felicity (WB), That's Life (CBS), Strong Medicine (Lifetime), Guiding Light (CBS), and many others. He also composed the score and produced the songs for DreamWorks' Joseph King of Dreams, as well as over 50 interactive game titles including the Star Trek series for Activision. 

His concert works have been performed by the Knoxville Symphony, the L.A. Jewish Symphony, and the National Symphony Orchestra. He has shared concert programs with John Williams, Elmer Bernstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Igor Stravinsky, and Charles Ives. His compositions and arrangements for broadcast media can be heard in most major markets domestically and around the world.

As a song producer Danny has worked with Usher, Brad Paisley, LeAnn Rimes, Ashanti, Kelly Clarkson, Alisha Keys, and many others. He also is the lead composer and producer of his own library, Amusicom.


Danny Weis

cofounder OF Iron Butterfly + session and touring guitarist


“My name is Danny Weis, and I have been a professional guitarist for over 50 years. I am the co-founder of the Iron Butterfly. In addition, I have recorded/toured with many artists including Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Bette Midler (in the movie: the Rose), The Rascals, The Everly Brothers, Burton Cummings and many more. 

Butch Boswell has become my only go-to guy for all guitar work. I trust him implicitly with all of my guitars. His acoustic guitars are incredible. Rich, warm tone, with great projection and wonderful feel and playability. 

I am extremely picky when it comes to my guitars, and Butch has always gone above and beyond the call of duty with each one of them. When I bring a guitar to him for work, whether it be setups, fret work, neck work, or wiring, he does it better than any. He can solve any problem I bring to him. The best fretwork I have seen. He is a perfectionist in all that he does, which works for me since I too am a perfectionist. I can be quite demanding! He has always given me his very best, and I have never been disappointed. He is a master luthier and an honorable man. A true gentleman.”


Mike Clinco



“I feel so privileged to have Butch’s first 00-14 acoustic guitar (Serial No. 0018). It has been an ongoing love affair with this beauty. The craftsmanship is beyond any expectations I had and honestly it’s the finest sounding and playing acoustic instrument I have ever owned. There is a certain vintage aspect to this new guitar that conveys elegance, and in the same breath, responsiveness. Absolute “wow factor” in the studio.  Thank you Butch Boswell.”

Recording and/or performances w/ Bobby McFerrin, Bo Diddley, Ella Fitzgerald, Nelson Riddle, Henry Mancini, The Boston Pops, Don Menza, Bob Sheppard, Burt Bacharach, BJ Thomas, Natalie Cole, Billy Vera and the Beaters, Timothy B. Schmit and many others.


Tim Bluhm

Tim Bluhm is an American songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and musician currently residing in California. He has performed solo, in addition to being singer/guitarist and primary songwriter for the rock band The Mother Hips( . He is part of the duo the Skinny Singers with Jackie Greene, and is a member of The Rhythm Devils(featuring The Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann), and Ball-Point Birds (with Hips co-founder Greg Loiacono). Bluhm has also performed with or opened for Johnny CashWilcoThe Black CrowesWidespread PanicLucinda WilliamsM. WardCrackerJohn Hiatt, and Phil Lesh.

"My Boswell dreadnought is everything I always wanted from a large acoustic guitar. It has a balance that I’ve never experienced in any other guitar, a consistency of tone, volume and action across the fretboard that is extremely rare in my experience. Aesthetically it is superior to any guitar I’ve ever played. The attention to detail, the craftsmanship and the wood selection are all exquisite. I’ve known Butch for many years and I am aware of the depth of his experience as a repair expert and as a luthier. Any guitar that Butch hands me is going to be a beautiful sounding, playing and looking instrument."  - Tim Bluhm.

Tim Bluhm with his Brazilian rosewood back/side, Adirondack top model D.

Tim Bluhm with his Brazilian rosewood back/side, Adirondack top model D.

Eric dash



“I've been searching forever for the right acoustic guitar. Theres nothing like the moment when you find the guitar that plays to you instead of you playing to it. The Boswell 000 changed my playing and has a consistent balanced and strong tone that sets it apart. Every time I play out, other guitarists ask me what acoustic I'm playing and I just show them the headstock.”


Boswell Guitars, 15 NW Franklin, Unit B, Bend, OR 97701.  (541) 719-1289.